• Qorian Profile Page Hosting service at Qora blockchain  旮旯客網頁架設

For Qora and Qora2 NFT holders after 50% discount  :  S$5 only.

Qorian Profile Page Hosting service rate  is equivalent to 600,000 Reward Points,  for our management purpose, the amount of Reward Points will automatic deposit to buyer account.

The  Qorian Profile  Page Hosting service can be redeem at 600,000 Reward Points.

Qorian is a profile page host at Qora subdomain "qorian", be a qora user, tahnks.

sample of Qorian profile page : Qorian # 12

Buyer will get a random # of Qorian, to register a specified Qorian # please go to Qorian Main Page 

Bonus plan:

600,000 Reward Point/TIM/Timah will split to 2 equal amounts and send to Ardor and Qora blockchain, then sell off at the DEXs  to get Ignis and Qora token,

Both tokens will keep in new Ardor and Qora wallet addresses (both addresses' private key belong to okchai, under okchai's escrow service. )

okchai will only provide 1 month warranty for both tokens amount.

The buyer need to create Ardor and Qora wallet to receive the Ignis and Qora. 

The warranty expired means okchai not responsible for any loss of Ignis and Qora, but will continue to provide the  escrow service.

What buyer can do when Qora tokens are under okchai's escrow?

1. Buy a Name at Qora Naming Service.

2. Upload HTML content to the Qora Name "subdomain". ( Not include HTML webpage design)  

旮旯客(Qorian)網頁架設服務費以 600,000TIM 代計,系統會自動存入購買者戶口,完成服務後方扣除。

旮旯客網頁是在旮旯域名 qorian 下的個人資料網頁。


600,000Reward Point/TIM/Timah 將平分兩份,分別送到 Ardor 和旮旯區塊鏈,然後在各別的 DEX 換取 Ignis 和旮旯。

okchai 會用全新的 Ardor 和 Qora 錢包地址來保存所得到的 Ignis 和 旮旯,以第三方託管服務的形式幫買家。

okchai 只能夠提供一個月的擔保,買家必須自己安裝錢包來領取自己的 Token。

在 okchai 託管下的旮旯有何用途?

1. 幫買家用自己的旮旯在 Qora Naming Service 買旮旯域名。

2. 上載 HTML 網頁到旮旯域名下。

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Qorian Profile Page Hosting service at Qora blockchain 旮旯客網頁架設

  • Brand: AITWAY
  • Product Code: std
  • Reward Points: 610000
  • Availability: In Stock
  • S$10.00

  • Price in reward points: 600000

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The Family Tokens : TIM, TIMAH, YAWTI and BAADBE

 1 Reward Point = 1 TIM  = 1 Timah   = 1 YAWTI = 1 BAADBE

 通過平台付款可得積分  Buy online at Aitway's to get Reward Points

TIM token at Ardor blockchain, Timah at Qora blockchain. Baadbe at Signum Blockchain,  Timah at Signum blockchain, YAWTI token at NXT blockchain,  YAWTI confidential asset at Beam blockchain, BAADBE.COM Mosaic at Symbol blockchain.

Free inter-blockchain swaps for The Family Tokens by AITWAY.

All new customer accounts will be automatically deleted within a week unless the customer has made a purchase transaction. All enquiries will be marked as spam and then deleted unless the sender is a valid customer with a purchase.

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