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Qora is a decentralized Blockchain with web server and DEX, it is a web3.

"i" is a Qora Naming Service(QNS), you can buy any QNS name at Qora Blockchain.

With QNS, the owner can create a website subfolder to host any content.

Now "i" is a active Qora subfolder, it can be access via http : // QoraNodeIP/i 

Qora Node can be localhost or any Qora Full Node IP address.

If you own a public domain name with VPS web server, AITWAY is happy to help you host an additional decentralized web content:

e.g : http://aitway.com:9090/i 

or access via any Qora Full Node gateway : http://qora.co.uk/i 

As a Qora user, I am dreaming all public domain in the world can open the TCP 9090 for Qora, this is decentralized.

The QoraWeb3i space for sale is just for fun, you can put any link or words on it, the webpage will updated to the blockchain database.

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Buy a space at Qora Web3 i

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