About Us

AITWAY SYSTEM LLP, a Singapore company, established in 2006, by 2 people.

AITWAY is one man operated, by okchai, one man handling business A-to-Z except accounting.

Business focuses on IT services, network solutions, blockchain consulting , also repairing Laptop, PC, server and

sell all kinds of IT related products and software but no book, unlike a-to-z amazon, I one man a-to-z also provide

Virtual Private Server (VPS), webhosting, email hosting solutions. All my websites are created and designed by one man, 

my services are more then just centralized portal server solutions, I also can build decentralized blockchain node for

contents and communication.

This online store is difficult to operate by just one man, so affiliation and co-operation are very welcomed.

From 2006, AITWAY has 6 years based at Tanjong Pagar Xchange shopping, more than 10 years based at International Plaza. Now, AITWAY is a

well-known computer company to businesses at nearby areas, I am beyond honoured to have become a trusted IT support center in the Central Business District (CBD),

Singapore city.

新加坡丹戎巴葛壹位電腦公司,2006 年成立,主要業務是提供各種電腦相關服務,近年來也提供區塊鏈應用諮詢和服務產品。

TIM , Timah, YAWTI, BAADBE and the Reward Point

 1 Reward Point = 1 TIM  = 1 Timah   = 1 YAWTI = 1 BAADBE

 通過平台付款可得積分  Buy online to get Reward Points

( TIM token at Ardor blockchain, Timah at Qora blockchain. Baadbe at Signum Blockchain,  Timah at Signum blockchain, YAWTI token at NXT blockchain,  YAWTI confidential asset at Beam blockchain, BAADBE Mosaic 1E4967BAADB8E757 at Symbol blockchain. Withdraw, Deposit, and Transfer of Reward Points/TIM/Timah/YAWTI/BAADBE: via Blockchains or Inter Account. )

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